A Complete Guide: LED-MODULES Purchasing

What has to be considered when selecting LED MODULES?

About the import and purchasing of LED parts, in this article, we cover the major considerations you must know:

It should be efficient enough to perform for a longer time without any compromise on the quality of light.

  • How to select LED?
  • Printed Circuit Boards to be applied
  • Tailor-Made Electronic Design
  • Power system
  • Related safety standards the modules comply with
  • MOQ requirements
  • Trade shows for Electronics & LED lighting

How to select LED?

Factors to consider when choosing LED for your projects.

Here is an overview of the most frequent matters to the critical LED.

  • The operating temperature and lifespan of LEDs.

The operating temperature of LEDs should be taken into account with

regard to the thermal design of an LED light system in particular applications, which is a basic principle, LEDs’ lifespan and light failure have a big effect and sensitivity to ambient temperature, basically to say, the cooler the better.

The behavior of the LED is applied to the circuit board, LED modules, and whole lighting systems.

  • LM80 report is a reliable needful and KIFI’s LED SMD follows strictly this principle.

The Standard of LM80-08 is accepted by the industry to determine the luminosity flux drop of an LED light source.

it indicates how to measure this property for LED-founded light sources, arrays, and LED modules. Since the LED is measured in a cold state by manufacturers, generally this corresponds to the ambient temperature at 25℃, stated as tj properties in LED datasheets for reference.

  • MacAdam 3 Step

MacAdam/SDCM, this is a property to define the color difference caught by human eyes, whereas there is a namely about elliptical color spaces to classify, in which area the deviations of colors are not easily perceived. MacAdam 3 steps/SDCM limited the color consistency, so-called color bins/color binning, by a grouping of less, so that the color difference can no longer be recognized by human’s naked eyes.

Printed Circuit Boards to be applied

PCB/Printed Circuit Board could stay for Aluminum cladding, aluminum PCB, metal clad printed circuit board(MCPCB), thermal conductive PCB.

Aluminum Printed Circuit boards are widely used on LED modules, because LED is a sensitive element, generating too much heat, which is not regulated in time, the performance of LED will be seriously affected and lead to light failure, leading to early expiration.

Alu PCB is an ideal option for applications requiring high heat dissipation, mechanical strength, and durability. Metalcore PCB effectively transfers heat and manages the temperature of the circuit. Due to its efficiency in thermal emission, designers are capable and more flexible in optimizing the overall luminaire housing and lift up integrated product performance.

In-house & tailor-made electronic designs

Our engineering team design circuit board, essential parts selection, assemblies, and control gear to apply, fully according to customers’ requirements, profile, and applications. such as the inspection of thermal management, the status of the LED array, power system, load, safety standards(EN/UL, etc), and many others.

To ensure the wishes of our customers come true, our R&D team use product ideas from taking shapes design bespoke solutions that suit the given requirements, which shall ultimately guide and detailed features the productive implementation.

Power System for LEDs

If there is an external control gear requested for your led fixture, either a constant current LED driver or a constant voltage power supply will be necessary to ensure LEDs work properly.

LEDs are extremely sensitive to current changes, most LEDs need a current-limiting device to prevent them from being overdriven. Otherwise, the electrical characteristics of LEDs change as they heat up, causing LED brightness to fluctuate, and high internal heat, failure of LED light finally.

Therefore, a constant current device should be built within your system, to use our constant current led modules, you will need a constant current power supply to limit current-driven, resistors used for regulating current is integrated within LED CC drivers.

KIFI Lightings’ CV LED Modules, with built-in current limiting resistors, already have current under control, keeping lighting systems running safe and maximizing lifetime.

To install our constant DC voltage modules into your luminaire and light it up, you need to buy an AC to DC converter that will take the 230VAC/120VAC standard household voltage and convert it down to 12/24/36VDC.

Standards compliance

  • EN 55015
  • EN 62031
  • EN 62471
  • IEC TR 62778
  • UL 8750

MOQ requirements

Most manufacturers require that their buyer’s order reaching up to a limited quantity, likely around 1000pcs to 5000pcs.

Some suppliers may be willing to offer a slightly lower MOQ (500 pcs), but it alters the size of PCB and specific projects.

The MOQ of led modules is mostly relative to the size of PCB, as vendors of aluminum/printed circuit factories charge according to the square meters.

Trade shows for Electronics & LED lighting

Manufacturers in this industry attend many of the larger electronics shows in Guangzhou and Hong Kong:

  • Light + Building 2022 Frankfrut Lighting Fair
  • Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Autumn Edition)
  • Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
  • BIEL Light + Building
  • LFI/Lightfair International
  • Interlight Moscow
  • ELA Expo Lighting America

Do you want to purchase LED modules or SMD from China?

It can be hard to go from design drawings to finished luminaires. To help you manage the entire process in light engine parts, what you can expect from us:

from creating solution offer to quick turn in sampling, quality control- we make each single-board counts:

Specialist equipment

  • Constantly interacting with the customer
  • Testing process: The LED module is always100% tested at the end of the line through both visual and functional testing.
  • The control of the quality and the chromatic compliance of the LEDs is carried out with extreme precision at the start of production
  • All the materials are of traceability. Which allows obtaining a product that corresponds in every way to the specifications established with the customer.

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