In-house development of LED Modules.

Over year by year, we specialize and focus on one thing, the development & manufacturing of LED Modules. Competent invocation and high-tech design. We are constantly engaged in making innovations of improving SMT production lines both inefficiency and implementation of flawless quality.

Competent SMT Production Line.

Our plant is equipped with cutting-edge production facility and instrumental test devices. As the heart of our production line, the international brand of placement machines offer the most modern assembly technology to complete our critical SMT process. It processes over 35,000 components per hour, to achieve high-speed, high-precision, automatic placement components. It accounts for more than 70% of the investments in the entire SMT production line. Featuring Vacuum pressure sensor/photoelectric sensor detects whether the element absorbed. Visioning system detects element horizontally and identify characteristics of components


Reliable solder-paste process for an optimal soldering effect. LEAD-FREE

Typical defective soldering points of LED modules can be recognized in the paste printing, only lead-free solder can be used strictly as Environmental standards, we undertake not to use any components or substances that are hazardous to health or the environment in our products.

Reflow Oven-Air Soldering System

The soldering process takes place through convection, i.e. through the entrainment of heat via the air flow. Several independently adjustable process zones enable variable reflow profiling. Independently adjustable process zones enable variable reflow profiling, equipped with software oven management system enable touching operation to well monitor, control and analyze PCB reflow temperature curve.


Qualified Active LED MODULES

From A Reliable Manufacturer

In-Line Inspection

Owning a whole set of in-house equipment, we conduct a range of in-line inspections during production to ensure the compatibility & durability of our modules.

Highly Precise SMT Process

Morden and international brands of placement machines guarantee powerful processing capacity with 20,000 dots per hour & accuracy with assembly technology 

Test & Inspection

Individual LED Module is defined to pass through strict quality control, functioning, and outlook inspection before leaving our facility.

Strict Performance Tests

By conducting a comprehensive range of tests, we guarantee both the electronic and optics performance of your tailor-made LED Boards.


Project Design & Experience

All you need is to submit the request for an LED board to us, and our professional design team and sales team could supply an innovative LED lighting solution and concept offer for you.

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