System components for linear lighting technology with LED diodes. The properties and advantages of the LED modules compared to conventional light
sources.  The use of KIFI LED modules extends beyond the architecture from furniture design to atmospheric lighting, in living rooms, shops, bars, and restaurants. The led modules KML.2&3 can be in a finished lighting system or as a separate LIGHT source in the respective application, to be integrated.



Single White LED Linear Zhaga standards Rigid Bar


Tunable White Linear Zhaga standards LED MODULES


Linear LED MODULES with 24V power system


Linear LED MODULES with AC voltage direct input  

KIFI Lighting is a Massive LED SKD Supplier

In the world of LEDs, we are bringing SKD LEDs in rigid bars. KIFI Lighting is an LED SKD supplier in the world with high-tech features. Make your home, workplace, and every event luminous with our super-efficient LED modules. Our tunable LED modules have an adjustable option for color temperature via a controller or digital device. You can adjust these flashy LED modules as per your need. Whether you want to use them for commercial or residential, they will flash out more than your expectation. As an LED SKD supplier, we use only safe components in our LEDs. They are energy-efficient to keep your consumption cost low. With the help of an electronic device, you can make them coordinate according to your required angle and brightness.

Buy Wholesale LED SMDs Only at Cut-Price 

We manufacture bulk LED modules at a very cheap cost. KIFI Lighting is a wholesale LED SMD supplier in the world that offers a very low-price range. With the help of this cost-effective production, we easily supply at factory rates. You can buy LED SKD modules from us at a surprisingly low price. Since we are a wholesale LED SMD supplier in China, we also provide OEM services. Our massive and advanced machines help us reach bulk quantities at low cost. This also leads us to meet with low MOQs of many buyers. KIFI Lighting is a wholesale manufacturer of LED SKD modules with various options for customization. We offer low rates to each client as a leading wholesale LED SMD supplier.

How Can KIFI Lighting Help You?

KIFI Lighting is an LED SKD supplier that will manufacture efficient LED modules for you. We are an experienced manufacturer of LED products in China with numerous clients worldwide. Our R&D team uses the most advanced and efficient techniques in production. With the help of cutting-edge technology and innovation, we produce sustainable LED modules. Our team performs multiple tests for quality assurance. We also provide OEM services. We use non-hazardous materials in our products for the safety of users. As a wholesale LED SMD supplier, we have SMT production units along with a lead-free reflow oven soldering system. We also offer customization options with tailor-made LED projects.