An article for PCB soldering of air reflowing process

What should be considered during soldering connection?

LED is mounted directly onto the printed circuit board, assembly with “wire components” by surface mounted device technology

The soldering process occurs during air reflowing, necessary manual operation on welding iron, at the solder points “+/-” with a temperature of 230℃, solder-paste must be lead-free.

  • During the process of heating up printed circuit board, temperature goes up rapidl but cannot be too fast to damage electronics and lead to the loss of solvent flux. normal heating rate is 1-3℃/sec.
  • Before entering the welding section, each point of printed circuit board and all the components need ensuring reaching the same temperature.
  • To avoide causing defects such as hole blowing and solder balls, it needs to well contrl prolonging period of heat preservation, at 100-160℃, heating rate low than 2℃/sec, keep 0.5-1 mins at 150℃。
  • Reflowing zone in soldering ranges at termp from 245℃ to 200℃ within 60seconds.
  • Cooling stage period contrl within apprx. 100secs, at heat speed 2℃/sec.


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